Benefits of the project

Project’s first phase is focusing on student services offered by FCSE, with plans to extend in the next phases with the services used and offered by other Faculties – members of UKIM.

UKIM/FCSE projected benefits include research potential enlargement, service improvement (especially in experience quality parameter) and their availability to the student users, creating new innovative electronic services for the benefit of the faculty and teaching staff and the students, opportunities of developing innovative partner relationships with the ICT industry, etc.

ICT industry partners’ and especially internet service providers’ benefits include improved user satisfaction, opportunity of accessing research results, including new services’ testing and validation. This platform will present practical means for simple measurement of the benefits of such access, enabling ISP providers with insight into the users’ nature and habits, all of them affecting the strategic decisions they should make in order to maximize their profits.

Establishing this platform enables improvement of practices, procedures and policies in a number of different areas bearing great importance, both for the academic community and ICT industry. We would like to single out but a few of them, such as IPv6 support, raising end-user awareness regarding security, research in the field of improving service availability, establishing best practices in the area of internet connections, improving technical cooperation regarding services continuity in event of different kinds of catastrophic events.