High Availability Internet Connection Research Platform (testbed)

The goal of this project is to establish research platform, on top of which will be tested different methodologies for improving internet connection availability.

This platform should provide direct connection amongst a number of internet service providers and UKIM network, enable experiment performing and solution testing, and leads to University electronic services improvement for all users, especially in cases when they access these services out of premises.

Based on the made analysis and research, focusing on the means and frequency of students accessing University-offered electronic content, an agreement has been established upon the necessity of one such project aimed at enabling SLA level improvement (based on availability). Higher SLA level is expected especially in cases where service failures have much more to do with the connection problems, and not with stability issue or service maintenance.

Due to their technical and personal capabilities, FCSE and UKIM Computer Centers have the needed capacity to realize a project of this scale. Through platform establishment, we expect drawing attention from most of the internet service providers in the country and in the region, which on their own should benefit from it, much owing to the fact that UKIM students represent significant part of their everyday big traffic generating users.